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♥ Koyasu Takehito - Star Chamber ♥

子安武人 - Koyasu Takehito
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♥Koneko-chan, Irasshai.♥

This is a 子安武人 - Koyasu Takehito's community.

A bit 'bout Take-san:
Of: Productions Baobab -> T's Factory
B-Day: 5/5/1967
Blood Type: A
From: Yokohama
Favorite Color: Blue, Black, White
Height/Weight: 175cm/60kg (This can change. ;]
Three Sizes: B 83, W 68, H 93 (This can change. ;]
Feet Size: 25.5 cm

Fangirl/boy about him all you want, or about his works. Just rant on for hours, post pictures, up CDs, do what ever you want. Go crazy and scream that you want to rape him, I wouldn't mind at all. Just please have fun. ^^

Enjoy your stay.

-Honjou Sora, a.k.a. drug_holic

Fellow moderator: aya_chan_koyasu

-Since 4/19/2006-

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One weird fact about him...
He is the only male seiyuu who can/would say "Koneko-chan" without hesitation. (Along with Saeki Tomo (female))

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